NZ book: Civil Litigation for Non-Lawyers

Civil Litigation for Non-Lawyers explains how to run a NZ civil case without a lawyer.

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Lawyers are unaffordable for many. In this book experienced barrister Martin Dillon explains how to conduct civil litigation without a lawyer.

Ordinary kiwis may find themselves in a range of situations , such as:

  • Pursuing a debt
  • Boundary disputes
  • Employment claims
  • The Disputes Tribunal
  • Bringing or defending civil proceedings in the District Court
  • Bringing or defending civil proceedings in the High Court.

Civil barrister Martin Dillon has written a comprehensive guide for the “lay litigant.” In clear and simple language, Martin explains the rules of Court and what to do. The e-book version available on Amazon contains links to forms prepared by Martin which you can fill in.

Civil Litigation for Non-Lawyers is available in paperback which you can order from the product link below. It ships from Auckland New Zealand.

Alternatively you can download the e-book from Amazon.

The book contains detailed information about the District Court Rules and also the High Court Rules. It explains how to make arguments in Court. It gives examples of how to claim Court costs with reference to the District Court Costs Rules and the High Court Costs Rules.

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